Orak’s tempus machine beeped loudly:
The Mysticals were out for a ride in Orak’s tempus machine. They roamed around the world and finally reached India. In India, they landed in the capital city of Delhi. But the moment they landed, they saw that the city was covered in haze.
“The air quality in Delhi has reached dangerous levels. It’s best if we stay inside the tempus machine,” Verum informed. Her trusty crystal ball had told her the news.
“Why is this happening?” Felix said.
“It’s because Delhi’s air is polluted. It is full of dust, smoke, vehicle pollution, and industrial emissions. It makes Delhi one of the world’s most polluted cities,” Verum said.
“But wait, didn’t this happen last year too?” Scorch said with surprise.
“You’re right, Scorch. Delhi’s neighboring states are agricultural states. There are many farmers. Every year in winter, after the harvest, there are leftover crops in their fields. Because of this, they can’t sow new seeds. That’s why farmers burn these leftovers as it is a fast and cheap method to clear the fields. Once the field is cleared, farmers sow new crops.
But when they burn the leftovers, it releases smoke. This smoke mixes with the air. Such air is not good for humans to breathe and also for the environment. It causes smog and many diseases,” Verum said.
“Oh no. So what now?” Felix said.
“For now, the government has shut down primary schools. It has also asked people to work from home,” Verum said.