“That’s an epic win by the Australian women’s cricket team” Scorch was pumped watching the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 final match’s last ball played between Australia and England.

The ICC stands for International Cricket Council and the final match was held on 3rd April at Hagley Oval in Christchurch, New Zealand. Australia beat England by 71 runs and won their seventh Women’s World Cup. This was the 12th Edition of the ICC Women’s World Cup that began on 3rd March.

“Shall we now head back to the dorm room, Scorch? MysticLord will get miffed if he gets to know we are here at the ground, that too traveling back in time!” said Orak hurriedly, in a hushed voice.

“Yes, yes, we are going. It’s not that late,” Scorch was happy to see women players from both teams pull off the finals effortlessly.

“Australia put up a tough score to chase. It’s a record in itself – 356 runs! That’s crazy! My moment of inspiration was when Australia’s Alyssa Healy put up the individual score of 170 any cricketer, male or female, ever made in a World Cup Final!” wowed Verum, who was munching on the potato chips.

I am in awe of Healy!” Scorch just couldn’t contain her happiness.

“She was also the leading run-scorer in the tournament with 509 runs,” added Felix.

“You’re right! But England’s Nat Sciver did give her all to take her team to victory at the terrific score of an unbeaten 148 but Australians were determined. Their on-ground strategy and planning were visibly impeccable. England was bowled out for 285 in 43.4 overs,” said Scorch.

“What a match! It was worth watching it,” Orak said as the Mysticals boarded the tempus machine to head back to the dorm room.

“We should have waited back for the final ceremony,” said a disappointed Scorch.

“I’ll tell you, hang on,” replied Verum. She pulled out her trusty crystal ball from her rainbow-colored sling bag.

“Thank you, Verum. Scorch, we have to go back…” Orak was saying and Scorch added, “Yes, yes. Verum, please continue…”

“Alyssa Healy was declared the Player of the Tournament and Sophie Ecclestone of England was the leading wicket-taker in the tournament, with 21 dismissals,” replied Verum. Scorch was now very happy.