“How intelligent do you think they are,” Scorch asked.
It was a lazy afternoon in MysticLand. The Gifted Four were at MysticPark. They were lying on the grass and looking at birds soaring overhead. Scorch’s hand traced the path of a jay, the most colorful and noisy bird of the crow family.
“New research says birds can be very intelligent,” Felix replied.
“Oh! really,” Orak murmured.
“Yes. Take, for example, food. When birds know that they will get better food if they wait, then they don’t eat what’s in front of them. This is called self-control. This level of self-control is also found in humans,” informed Felix.
“That’s interesting. Do all birds behave this way?” Orak said.
“Some birds are more intelligent than others. Different studies done in the United States and the United Kingdom have shown that a family of birds called Corvidae are more intelligent than other bird families,” Felix answered.
“Would Corvidae include birds like crows, magpies, and jays,” commented Verum.
“Yes, exactly. These birds are also called feathered apes. They are known to hide food and save it for later, which helps their survival,” Felix said. 
The Mysticals spent the rest of the afternoon looking at birds and their interesting, intelligent mannerisms.