Verum and her Mystical friends were playing board games in the middle of their dorm room. They were having a jolly good time as could be seen through the wide smiles on their faces. Verum got up to get some juice. And suddenly, she heard it! Her crystal ball was humming and glowing blue.

She said, “Uh-oh, Mysticals! I have to go. My crystal ball is glowing blue. That means vaccine news! I have to check what that is about.”

She sat in front of her crystal ball and tried to understand the news. A smile unfurled across her face. Verum said, “Mysticals, someone interesting has a message for all the unvaccinated people of the world!”

“Who is it?” said Felix, with curiosity in his voice.

“I think it must be Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO),” suggested Scorch, “After all, it’s vaccine news!”

“You’re not even close,” said Verum with a smile, “Do you want to continue guessing?”

“No, just tell us already!” said Orak.

“It’s Panta Petrovic from Southern Siberia. Siberia is a vast Russian province that covers most of Northern Asia. Fun fact: It is home to Lake Baikal which is the world’s deepest lake,” answered Verum.

“Thank you for the trivia,” said Scorch, “But tell us more about Petrovic! Who is he?”

“The interesting thing about Petrovic is that he’s lived in a cave for 20 years!” said Verum, “He used to be a laborer in the city but he realized he wasn’t experiencing the freedom in the city. He’d argue with his wife, neighbors, friends, family, and everyone else. So, he left, and ever since, he’s been living in a cave.”

She continued, “That’s why he didn’t even know about the pandemic until last year. He left the cave for a rare trip to the supermarket. There, he found out about the pandemic and how it had spread all over the world.”

“How did Petrovic react?” said Felix.

“Well, he reacted by getting vaccinated this year! He realized that the virus could also travel to his cave,” explained Verum, “So, Petrovic has decided to take all three shots of the vaccine, including the extra booster dose. And his message is that everyone should get vaccinated!”

“That’s a strong message to all unvaccinated people indeed!” Orak remarked.