Felix strolled into the garden, He said, “Oh wow! Which ice cream flavor is that?”

“It’s strawberry ice cream!” said Verum, happily.

“Nice! Can I try some?” said Felix.

“Of course,” replied Verum, passing the ice cream to her friend. Right at that moment, Scorch marched into the garden. A sense of purpose was written all over her face. But it melted the minute she saw the ice cream. Soon, she joined Verum and Felix in enjoying the ice cream.

But like yesterday, Orak turned up once again to inform Verum of her crystal ball’s humming. On returning to the dorm room, Verum said with a solemn face, “Today’s news is about a tragedy that took place last week and the ongoing political tensions caused by it.”

“On 24th November, a fishing boat spotted several people in the sea off the coast of Northern France. British and French authorities launched a joint search and rescue operation,” started Verum, “They rescued two people: one from Iraq and one from Somalia. They were in critical condition in a French hospital.

However, 27  people have lost their lives: 17 men, seven women, and three children. They were reported to be Kurds from Iraq or Iran. Kurds are an ethnic group from the Middle East.”

“But what happened?” said Scorch.

“The group of migrants was crossing the Channel on a fragile inflatable boat. The Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean separating England and France,” said Verum, “Filled with air, their boat wasn’t strong enough for this journey So, it ran into trouble leading to loss of lives.”

“Originally from Africa and the Middle East, the migrants were looking for a better life in the United Kingdom (UK),” added Verum, “This unfortunate incident has led to tensions between the UK and France.”

“In what way?” said Felix.

“Numerous migrants have continued to cross the Channel in such boats. The day after the tragedy 62 migrants reached the UK in boats while France stopped another 30,” said Verum, “Both countries blame criminal gangs for organizing these journeys. However, UK Home Minister Priti Patel said it is France’s responsibility to stop migrants from crossing the Channel. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for immediately sending the migrants back to France once they land in the UK.

On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron has asked for more help from the UK. But strained relations are making cooperation difficult between the two neighboring countries.”