The Gifted Four were busy completing their homework. Verum’s trusty crystal ball hummed and started spinning, catching Verum’s attention.

“And the world is up to something. Let’s see what it is,” said Orak as he walked towards the crystal ball along with the other three Mysticals.

“China has issued new guidelines for the real estate sector. The guidelines restrict the height of buildings based on the population of different cities. With these guidelines, China aims to reduce its energy consumption as well as increase the safety of its citizens. Because high-rise buildings are usually prone to accidents,” said Verum.

“This is an interesting piece of news as China is home to some of the world’s tallest buildings. Also, I think this is not the first time China is cracking down on high-rises or skyscrapers as they are called, in smaller cities,” remarked Orak.

“You’re right. The Chinese regulators (people who supervise a business or a sector) have taken steps earlier too. For example, in March this year, they banned any construction that has ‘ugly architecture’. There is anyway an existing ban on buildings taller than 500 meters.

They argue that in cities with lesser populations the huge skyscrapers are impractical and boastful projects. You guys will be surprised but this government’s move has received a positive response from people on social media platform Weibo,” Verum took a pause.

“It is not wrong to make practical decisions. If they feel the projects are a risk to residents’ lives and a burden on China’s energy consumption,” Felix opined.

“Thoughtful, Felix. One of the authorities reportedly said that every building today is designed to become the next landmark. To achieve this goal, developers and builders go to a great extent,” added Scorch.

“You’re right, business lady!” smiled Verum, “And that’s why the new rule says skyscrapers taller than 150 meters (490 ft) are strictly prohibited. The authorities have decided on different height limits for different cities based on their population. Those who break these new rules will be reprimanded,” concluded Verum.