When you were born, your family and loved ones would have brought many presents and gifts. Well, the same happened with baby Jesus and that event is called Epiphany. In France, Epiphany is celebrated on January 6.
However, instead of relatives, the Magi – or the three wise men believed to be astrologers, scholars, and scientists – brought gifts for baby Jesus in Bethlehem. They followed a star in the sky to find the location of the special birth, as there were no Google Maps at that time. The gifts were gold (a symbol of kingship on planet Earth), frankincense which is an incense (a symbol of deity), and myrrh, an embalming oil (a symbol of Jesus’s last days).
In France, Epiphany means Galette de Rois. In the French language, galette means a flat round cake and rois means kings. It’s a puff-pastry cake with a lucky charm hidden inside while baking and accompanied by a crown. This lucky charm can be any little toy, from a car to a soldier to a baby to a horse.
The lucky child who gets the charm in their cake slice wears the crown and is called the King or Queen of the day. How cool is that!
Why don’t you take an adult’s help and try baking a cake with a lucky charm hidden inside? Set a little challenge for your family.