The Mysticals visited the Ranomafana National Park today. Felix was the most excited at the sights and sounds of different animal species there.

“Guys, I’m not kidding. I heard the squeals of and spotted at least 26 species of lemurs!” he declared.

Orak replied, “I fully believe you, Felix. Even two rare lemurs, hapalemur¬† and golden hapalemur, are here.”

Verum looked into her crystal ball and said, “This gigantic park is one of the six sites that make up the Unesco-listed Rainforests of Atsinanana World Heritage site. The land is filled with palm trees, medicinal plants, a variety of orchids, and just lots and lots of greenery. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult to see the birds here.”

After exploring every corner of the park, the four ended their tour with a visit to the thermal pool outside and absorbed all its goodness.