“Scorch, Scorch, heard the news?!” Felix ran from the playground to the dorm room only to find Orak, and Verum listening intently to Scorch… “On Sunday, Spain’s Rafael Nadal won his 14th French Open championship and 22nd Grand Slam title. He beat Norway’s Casper Ruud in straight sets. Yes Felix, I just heard and am delighted!” replied Scorch.

“Do you know that he had an injury on his left foot? He took an injection to numb the pain for the finals,” added Felix.

“Yes. Sadly. But that’s not the only injury. The 36-year-old tennis player had a rib injury too, and the foot pain, he said, stays all the time,” replied Scorch.

“Tell us more about this win and why is it special?” said Orak. He was impressed with the tennis player’s dedication.

“Nadal played the French Open finals. The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, is a big two-week tennis tournament held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France. It is held every year and starts in late May. A Grand Slam in sports means a player has won all the major championships in that sport in the same calendar year. It is at times also called ‘Calendar Slam’.

In this year’s finals, Nadal lost only six games against Ruud. Two days before the game, Nadal celebrated his 36th birthday,” Scorch was interrupted as the other three Mysticals clapped, cheering for the player.

“Happy belated birthday Nadal!” added Verum with a giggle.

Scorch laughed and added, “This birthday made him the oldest title winner in the history of the tournament. Before Nadal, the record was held by Andres Gimeno, who was 34 years old when he won the title in 1972.

“It seems his health is a concern,” noticed Orak.

“Yes. Nadal was quoted saying that he wouldn’t know if any match he plays would be his last. And that’s very sad for a player of his caliber to say.

Nadal has proven his mettle time and again as an accomplished, talented, and winning tennis player. After this win, he threw his racket on the red-clay court and covered his face with his hands. The Spanish player recorded his first win in Paris in 2005 as a teenager. He was just 19.

To speak of his achievements, no player, man or woman, has won the singles trophy at any major event more than Nadal’s 14 in Paris. Nadal also holds the privilege of being the only player to have won maximum Grand Slam titles,” said Scorch.