The Mysticals were basking on the seashore.

Orak said, “Look at those never-ending waves! Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes, they are!” replied Felix, “I wonder if we can use these waves to do something.”

Scorch’s face brightened, “Felix, a company in Sweden called Eco Wave Power (EWP) has come up with an idea of using these powerful waves to generate electricity.”

Felix said, “That is great! Tell me more about this company and their idea Scorch.”

Scorch explained, “EWP found out that these waves can generate around 77 megawatts (it’s a unit for measuring electrical power; its symbol is MW). They have set up a pilot project in Turkiye. If it is successful then it is going to be the world’s largest tidal power station.”

Verum questioned, “That’s a lot of power. But how can waves generate electricity Scorch?”

Scorch replied, “The rise and fall of waves powers hydraulic pistons (cylinder-shaped structure). These pistons power a big turbine that generates energy. The constant rise and fall of the waves give constant energy to the power station thus producing electricity.”

“That is a brilliant idea!” exclaimed Felix.

“EWP’s goal is to produce electricity through 100% clean energy without releasing any harmful pollutants. Isn’t that great?” said Scorch.

Verum said, “It is indeed great. Humans have taken yet another step in making Planet Earth eco-friendly and sustainable.”