“There’s a new rule in the European Union (EU) and it is about to become a law,” Scorch shared with her friends, “The new rule is that all portable devices have to use the same type of charging cable.”
“What are portable devices?” Felix said.
“What is the European Union?” Orak added.
“Portable devices are devices that can be moved and carried. Laptops, mobile phones, speakers, tablets, etc. are examples of portable devices.
The European Union is a group of 27 countries. The EU helps countries with trade and security. It has its own EU Parliament that makes such laws,” Verum explained.
“Rightly so,” Scorch nodded and began to explain the update, “All portable devices have batteries. They need to be charged before use. For this, they require a charging cable that connects to the switch.
Isn’t it a hassle to find a different charging cable for different devices? Many people find it wasteful and bothersome. So, they came up with the new rule of a common charging cable for all.
Once the EU countries grant their approval, which is likely to happen later this month, this rule will become compulsory. It will become a law. Every company will have to make devices that use a USB-C charging cable.”
Verum was unsure about one thing. She looked at Scorch and said, “But Apple, the technology company, doesn’t agree with the rule. It uses different charging cables.”
“I know. It believes such a law will stop innovation – a new idea or a new way of doing things,” Scorch informed.