Verum was browsing what the humans called the ‘internet’ through her trusty crystal ball. It was a dull day in MysticLand and she wanted to see something that would cheer her up. Naturally, the first thing she watched were cat videos! Cute little kitties purring, sleeping, and jumping around – could anything be more adorable?

But unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to cheer Verum up today. She said to herself, “Hmm, what a sad, boring day! How do I make it better?”

As always, her crystal ball was connected to Verum’s mind. It sensed her gloominess and instantly set about trying to make it better. When Verum watched the 21-second video posted by Louisa Davies, she called out to Orak, “Could we please go to London?”

“To look at the Queen?” joked Orak.

“No, not the queen,” replied Verum, “A funeral procession.”

A funeral is a ceremony held after someone’s death. It is a way of remembering the departed person.

“Why do you want to attend a funeral?” said a puzzled Orak.

“Hassan Dervish sold ice creams in south-east London for 40 years. It was his passion to work as an ice-cream man and drive his ice-cream truck around the town. He even set up an ice-cream factory in Lewisham in the early 2000s,” said Verum, “But unfortunately, people’s beloved ice cream man passed away recently. So, a fleet of ice-cream trucks driven by fellow ice-cream men joined Dervish’s funeral procession.

His brother Savash Turkel referred to him as ‘King of ice cream’. He shared on social media that ice cream was Dervish’s passion and he was highly popular among customers and other ice-cream men.

Davies took a video of this procession and posted it on social media. Thousands watched the video. So did I. But I want to see this in person. How lucky was Dervish to be accompanied by ice-cream trucks on his final journey!”

“Okay, let’s go,” said Orak, “According to Chloe Bodur, an internet user, this is a tradition in the ice-cream community.”