“I want to learn all the languages in the world!” Verum declared one day.
“Wow, that’s a tough task,” Orak commented. “Maybe you can try learning through different language learning apps.”
“Oh yes,” Scorch said, “a new study has revealed that people who learned languages on Duolingo performed as well as students who learned languages in universities.”
“Duolingo is a popular and free language-learning app,” Scorch added.
“That’s exciting news,” Felix remarked, “How did they measure who performed well?”
“The team conducted an experiment that compared Duolingo users to students. Duolingo learners who completed five units in Spanish or French performed well on reading and listening tests. They performed as well as students who had completed four semesters of university language instruction.
It also showed that Duolingo learners achieved four semesters of expert reading and listening skills in less than half the time as the university students!”
Scorch continued, “Duolingo’s language courses include languages that are harder to find free lessons on. For example, it offers courses in Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Scandinavian languages.
Dr. Cindy Blanco, a senior learning scientist at Duolingo, said the research shows real progress. It will help Duolingo achieve its mission of giving quality education to everyone. It will help them develop courses and teaching tools for the same.”
“Splendid news! May people learn more and more languages!” Verum rejoiced.