“The newly-opened Google campus Bay View in California is making noise for all the right reasons. It is built in such a way that it consumes green energy, has electric kitchens, dragonscale-designed solar panels, and more, so much more… phew!” Scorch said this in one breath.

“Amazing! Tell us all about it!” said an impressed Orak.

He quickly added that such a campus is impressive because it is a big step in reducing carbon emissions. Carbon emissions refer to any human activity that releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. Carbon dioxide has carbon in it which when burned and released into the air for a long period, gets trapped in Earth’s atmosphere and leads to global warming.

“That’s correct, Orak,” said Scorch. Bay View campus is the first campus built by Google. Google is an American technology company. This project is driven by its goal to operate every hour of every day on carbon-free energy by 2030.

To achieve this goal, the first-of-its-kind dragonscale solar skin has been installed. These efficiently trap the light and along with windmills nearby power the campus on carbon-free energy 90% of the time.

“What more?” said Felix.

“Google says this new campus has been designed to give a better workspace experience to people and to support environment-friendly ways of working,” said Verum. She showed them the images of the campus buildings on her crystal ball.

“It looks more like a tent from all sides,” said an amused Felix.

“Let me share with you more about the Bay View campus:

Point 1: It will accommodate 4,000 employees.

Point 2: It has open and wide team spaces on the upper level for focused work and gathering spaces on the second floor for collaboration and teamwork.

Point 3: The beauty of the campus is the dragonscale solar skin roof on the canopy and the nearby wind farms that will power it on carbon-free energy 90% of the time.

Point 4: Two kitchens on the campus serving seven cafes run on electricity and not gas.

Point 5: The ventilation system (easy in-flow of fresh air into a closed room) uses 100% outside air. This means that its staff will get fresh air consistently.

Google took onboard BIG and Heatherwick Studio to make this sprawling 1.1 million square feet plan a reality,” shared Scorch.

“Very impressive. We can design something similar for our MysticLand school too,” remarked Orak.

Felix, Scorch, and Verum nodded in agreement.