“In the first week of October, Apple announced its plans to make the iPhone 14 in India,” Scorch said with a yawn as she had just woken up.
“You just woke up and all that’s on your mind is news! Bravo!” teased Orak.
“Where were the phones made earlier,” said Felix, taking a quick interest in the news. “Earlier, most of the company’s manufacturing used to happen in China.”
“Apple is an American technology company. It makes phones and other electronic devices. This company is widely popular in the world,” Orak said.
“But why is the company changing base from China to India?” Verum said.
“The most important reason is China’s Covid-19 policy,” replied Scorch.
“But the human world has gradually learned to live with the virus, right,” said Felix, struggling to understand the relationship between the virus and Apple phones.
“Not China. The country still has a zero-Covid policy. This has made the making and distributing of different goods difficult in China. Many companies are tired of this policy. They don’t want to wait for China to change its Covid-19 policy. These companies don’t want to rely only on China. They are expanding to other countries and one of them is India,” Scorch explained.
“Is this good news for India?” Felix said. “Yes!” Scorch declared. “India is the third largest economy in Asia. An economy of a country means the production, distribution, and usage of goods and services.
The Government of India has offered many benefits to companies that want to make India their production center. By 2025, a quarter of all iPhones could be produced in India!” Scorch added. “Oh, I am excited to see what happens!” Orak said.