The Mysticals are extremely delighted because Felix gave them fantastic news.

“The Italian Senate (a group of people that makes laws in a country) has voted to approve a permanent ban on fur farming in the country. Italy has 10 working mink farms at the moment. All of them will have to shut down by June 30. This is a victory for animal lovers!” Felix said and flew to the sky with excitement.

Verum, Scorch, and Orak were smiling ear to ear, unable to believe how caring humans have become towards animals.

“We must thank the Humane Society International that played a crucial role in making this happen. They presented arguments to the Italian government on how beneficial it’ll be to ban fur farming,” Felix explained.

“What’s Humane Society International?” Orak said.

“It’s a leading organization that works for the protection of street and wild animals, prohibits the testing of various products on animals, and rescues them from tragedies. Basically, it is an organization that promotes the human-animal bond around the globe,” Felix explained, adding further, “It argued that banning fur farming has environmental, public health, and of course, animal welfare benefits.”

“I agree. The fur industry is known to cause air pollution. In terms of public health, Covid-19 outbreaks reached hundreds of mink farms. Coming to animal welfare, it’s absolutely cruel to slaughter animals to use their fur for human needs,” Verum added.

“Yes, Verum,” Felix said. “Considering these points, many high-end fashion labels such as Valentino, Gucci, Prada, and Versace have stopped using fur in their clothes. Italy has joined them in this strong movement. I’m delighted!

Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture will give the fur farmers €3 million as compensation for shutting their business. They’ll then be given other job opportunities.”

“I hope the entire world bans animal fur trade soon,” Scorch said.