“Madhya Pradesh cricket team defeated Mumbai and became champions of Ranji Trophy tournament this year. They played a terrific game against 41-time champions Mumbai and lifted the cup at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Sunday,” announced Scorch.
“That’s great news. Tell us more about the game,” replied Verum.
“Ranji Trophy? What is this tournament?” said Felix.
“That’s right, Verum. Felix, Ranji Trophy is a domestic cricket championship played in India. The participating teams represent regional and state cricket associations. It is named after the first Indian cricketer who played international cricket, Kumar Ranjitsinhji. He also played for England and Sussex.
This championship started in 1934 and the first match was played between Madras and Mysore states. The Maharaja of Patiala, donated the first trophy,” paused Scorch.
Orak had just walked in from his sciency wiency lab and joined the conversation. Scorch repeated herself so that Orak knows about the sports world too.
“It must have been an emotional moment for the team,” said Verum, nudging Scorch to talk more about the winners.
“Of course! There’s a fun trivia attached with this win. Former Madhya Pradesh captain Chandrakant Pandit led the Madhya Pradesh team to the 1999 Ranji Trophy finals, but they lost to Karnataka. Coincidentally, that game was played at the same Chinnaswamy Stadium.
But things changed this year. Pandit is now the coach of the Madhya Pradesh team and he said this win is very special to him,” narrated Scorch.
“It’s amazing to see how every sports event has one or more such inspiring moments,” replied Felix.