Around 100 years ago, in 1922, the Fred Walker Company (now, Kraft Food Company) hired food technologist, Dr. Cyril P Callister, to make the most delicious savory spread anyone has ever had! A few months later, Callister created Vegemite which was destined to become Australia’s icon.

In 1923, Vegemite hit the stores and was marketed as, “Delicious on sandwiches and toast, and improving the flavors of soups, stews, and gravies.” Let’s just say that it’s the coolest savory spread ever, full of spices and vegetables – so, it’s yummy and healthy!

However, sales were low because Vegemite had to compete with Marmite, a thick and dark English spread, which Australia was already in love with. So, in 1937, Fred Walker launched a poem competition that had to feature ‘Vegemite’ in it. The competition was a success because Vegemite sales went through the roof!

Two years later, baby care products and medical professionals started advertising Vegemite as a rich source of Vitamin B. Then exactly 20 years from its birth, every Australian kitchen began using Vegemite. That’s not all. Even the Armed Forces were buying the spread in bulk for their soldiers since it has nutritional value! Can you imagine where Kraft would be if Fred Walker had shut the company down due to low sales in the initial years?