When someone says theater, most art lovers immediately think of New York City’s Broadway. However, would your mind ever go to the Japanese Noh theater? Maybe not.

But it’s important for us to learn about this elegant performance art, for it’s quite different from your regular theater acts.

Noh gets its name from ‘nō’ meaning skill or talent. In this ancient art, Noh actors move artistically and make gestures in a slow manner to narrate their story to the audience. They wear special masks to show which characters they’re playing, including warriors, youngsters, old men, demons, and upper-class women among others. Their rich costumes are, of course, designed as per Japanese fashion and made from either silk or brocade.

The orchestra in the background is equally important. The musicians play big and small drums and flutes. A group of singers sings as per their music to support the performance and create a pleasing ambiance for everyone.