When the Mysticals woke up in the morning, the sun was shining yet again. Birds were chirping in the trees and fluffy white clouds dotted a clear-blue sky. The grass danced in a gentle breeze. The world was truly beautiful.

Orak said, “Today is such a lovely day! We must do something fun!”

Felix said, “How about a picnic in my garden? We can carry some bread, some jam, some cheese, and a whole lot of lemonade!”

“Wow, count me in!” said Scorch, “I’ll carry a ball so that we can play a game of catch.”

Verum smiled and said, “I’ll make sure to carry my crystal ball. That way, I won’t have to return to our dorm room when it is world-gazing time.”

Verum made a wise decision. No sooner had they spread their picnic blanket than Verum’s crystal ball began spinning and humming. She took it out and placed it on the grass.

Verum said, “Mysticals, today’s news matches the cheerfulness of the day! It’s from Kingston General Hospital in Canada!”

Scorch said, “Come on, Verum! Out with the news already!”

Verum grinned and said, “The news is from the hospital’s Pediatric Unit, that is, a department of the hospital providing medical treatment exclusively to children. Now, a pediatric unit can be a gloomy place for young children. They’re unwell in the hospital after all.”

“That is true,” agreed Scorch.

“So, the hospital decided to organize a little surprise for its young patients. One day when these patients looked out of the window, they were surprised to see their favorite superheroes hanging out,” said Verum.

“Whoa! I would totally scream if I saw Iron Man,” said Orak.

“Well, now these kids did see Iron Man, the Hulk, Batman, and other superheroes suspended outside their windows,” said Verum, “It surely cheered them up! You see, some of these kids are told they’re superheroes for going through painful treatments.”

“Aww, this is so adorable. See, not all heroes wear capes, some become heroes with their acts of kindness like this one,” said Felix with happy tears in his eyes, “But who was it?”

“It was the employees of Elite Window Cleaning, that is, the window cleaners,” said Verum, “You can see the pictures on the hospital’s social media.”