“The fireworks are amazing. I can watch it all night,” said Felix, as he sat cross-legged in the stadium in the country of Qatar.
The Gifted Four had sneaked out of MysticLand to attend the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup. They got into Orak’s Tempus Machine and went back in time to November 20.
“I’m happy you brought us, Orak. It is the first time that FIFA World Cup is happening in a Middle-East country,” Scorch said.
“The Middle East is a region that has all the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea,” Verum whispered into Felix’s ears.
“That’s great! This football event happens once in four years, right,” Orak asked.
“Yes,” Scorch replied, “FIFA stands for the Federation Internationale de Football Association in French. There are 32 teams competing for the Cup this year,”
“Scorch, what’s that flying thing in white?” Verum pointed to the object.
“Oh! That’s a mascot. A Mascot is an animal, a thing, or a person believed to bring good luck to the game. There is a unique mascot in every FIFA World Cup.
“This year, the mascot is the La’eeb. It is an Arabic word that means a very skillful player,” Scorch answered.
“Who will win the Cup this year, Scorch,” Orak asked with great interest.
Scorch chuckled and said, “We will know only on December 18.”
“Keep us updated, Scorch,” Verum smiled and the Gifted Four returned to their dorm room after the ceremony.