“Last Saturday, the Spanish football team Real Madrid created a new record after winning the European Champions League. Real Madrid played opposite England’s Liverpool,” Scorch was filling in Felix with what happened in the sports world when he was busy attending a workshop on gardening.

“That’s spectacular. You three did go to the stadium to watch the match, right? Where was it held?” said Felix. He sat on the chair next to Scorch with his chin resting on his right palm. With a twinkle in his eyes he was staring at Scorch with visible excitement.

“We did! Orak, Verum, and I enjoyed the electrifying atmosphere at the Stade de France in Paris. The whole stadium was bubbling with chants, cheers, and slogans. Two of the finest football teams were putting their best foot forward, quite literally, to clinch the trophy. Vinicius Junior hit the match’s only goal in the second half, leading Real Madrid to the astounding victory, beating Liverpool at 1-0,” shared Scorch.

Champions League is an annual football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The top football clubs of Europe are a part of it. This tournament is among the most prestigious, and the final match is the most-watched sports event worldwide.

“You should have been there, Felix,” said Orak, who had just walked into the dorm room from his lab, “The fans of any sports team can make even someone like me shout in excitement! It is the team’s fourteenth win European Champions League win.”

“Even the two most successful clubs in Europe put together do not have 14 victories: the AC Milan (seven) and Liverpool (six).

Also, do you remember coach Carlo Ancelotti? As the team’s manager, this makes it his fourth win, which is more than anybody else,” Scorch added.

“Do you guys know,” Verum had to give her trivia, “The final was planned in Saint Petersburg but was moved to France’s capital after Russia invaded Ukraine!” Verum smiled after filling in the other three with this information.

“Got it, Verum!” replied Scorch mischievously.