“Do you know there are phones that can be taken apart easily and repaired?” Scorch said.

“Really? Which company’s phones are we talking about?” Orak said.

“I am talking about the phones of the company Fairphone. It is a Netherlands-based company. It builds phones with lower environmental impact,” Scorch answered, “Fairphone was founded in 2013. It sources raw materials (basic materials) for the phone from mining areas without conflict. It makes products that are repairable and recyclable (reuse of products).”

“It sounds wonderful,” Felix said.

“How is it so easy to repair their phones?” Verum inquired.

“Fairpone phones can be taken apart in under two minutes. Their display screens, batteries, USB ports, and cameras can be easily changed or repaired by the owners.

It’s because the customers of Fairphone are usually programmers who love the programs of the phones. The customers also include people who are looking for an environmentally friendly phone,” Scorch said.

“Do phones need to have a low environmental impact?” Verum said.

“Yes!” Felix answered before Scorch could.

Scorch continued, “According to United Nations (UN), 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste was generated in 2019. Out of that, only 17% of electronic waste was recycled. Electronic waste is electronic devices that are thrown away.

So, Fairphones are making phones that are easy to fix. It means people can use the phones for a long time. It leads to a low generation of waste. It has a positive impact on the environment.”

“We need more such companies then!” Orak said.

“Yes, and it is not the only one. German-based phone company Shiftphones also manufactures environment-friendly smartphones,”

“I hope this trend catches on!” Felix said.