“Here’s a smart way to beat noise pollution,” Scorch said, “Noise pollution is unwanted and excessive sounds. It can be sounds from a busy road, airplane sounds, loud music, etc. They can be harmful to people and animals.”

“How can we beat noise pollution then?” Verum said.

“By using new technology,” Scorch said, “Let me tell you about them.”

“Silentium, an Israeli company, has launched its Quiet Bubble system. It can reduce unwanted sound. The technology uses a speaker and a microphone. The microphone listens to unwanted sound and the speaker gives out a noise that cancels the unwanted sound. It is called active noise cancellation,” Scorch said.

“Oh, is it the same technology that exists in headphones? When I put on my headphones, I don’t hear anything!” Orak said.

“Yes, it is. But with Quiet Bubble, no headphones are needed. The device can fit anywhere in the house. It can also create an individual sound zone. People on a train or plane can listen to music without headphones!” Scorch said.

“Interestingly, it is not the only company to offer this technology. There are other companies too. Brigade Electronics, an England company, has developed a device that can sound reverse alarms only in a nearby area. If a car is reversing, only people close to the vehicle will be able to hear the sound,” Scorch added.

“Nice idea and use of technology!” Felix said.

“Reducing noise pollution has become a top priority now. It has many ill effects on health, creates sleep disturbance, affects school performance, can lead to hearing problems, and also affects mental health.

According to the European Environmental Agency, long-term exposure to noise pollution causes 12,000 deaths every year in the European Union (EU),” Scorch said.

“Scary, I hope people take noise pollution seriously!” Felix said.