Orak had a little skip in his step. He had read the best piece of news in the morning. He was on his way to tell his friends. “Felix! Verum! Scorch!” Orak called out as he entered the dorm room. “For the first time, satellites are being used to track whales in the oceans.”
The Mysticals looked up. Orak continued, “Satellites are objects that orbit the Earth. The satellites that are being used to track whales are very powerful. They can identify whales from their markings – all the way from space!”
“Which whales are the satellites tracking?” Scorch said.
“They are tracking the North Atlantic right whales,” Orak replied.
“Oh! The North Atlantic right whales are endangered. It means there are only a few of them alive. Humans may lose this species forever because only 336 North Atlantic right whales are left in the world. It’s important to study their behavior and keep them safe,” Felix informed.
“And I guess humans don’t want to lose them. That’s why this new space tech is being used to keep the whales away from the ships. If the ships knew where the whales were, they could change their course. It will reduce the number of whales colliding with the ships or getting caught in fishing nets,” Orak said.
“That’s a brilliant idea!” Verum exclaimed.
“Have the satellites identified any whales yet?” Felix was eager to find out.
“Oh! Yes! They have. They have identified a whale named Ruffian by its large white scar on the back. Many years ago, Ruffian got injured by fishing gear in the ocean. It has a scar now.”
“Aw, Ruffian,” Felix said, “Hopefully, in the future, no whale will ever get injured!”