“I have the winners of the 23rd Laureus World Sports Awards!” Scorch announced loudly. Verum, Orak and Felix gathered around her. Scorch continued, “Like last year, the awards were held virtually and the ceremony was broadcast globally from Seville, Spain.

The Laureus World Sports Academy founded the Awards in 2000 and organizes it every year. It celebrates the spirit of sports. This year, the organizers decided to celebrate the inspiring stories, people, and organizations that helped others through sports during the stressful times of the Covid-19 pandemic,” paused Scorch.

“That’s very meaningful!” said Orak.

“Truly. While a huge panel of 1,300 sports journalists selected the nominees, 71 members of the Laureus World Sports Academy voted for the winners,” said Scorch.

“Who were the winners, Scorch? Please tell all the details,” demanded Verum with a sweet smile on her face.

“Max Verstappen won the World Sportsman of the Year Award and Elaine Thompson-Herah won the World Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver and 2021 Formula One World Champion. Thompson-Herah is a Jamaican sprinter and is known as one of the greatest sprinters of all time. She is a five-time Olympic champion, is undoubtedly the fastest woman on Earth right now, and the second-fastest in the history of the world!” said Scorch.

“Goosebumps!” said Felix.

“Yeah, me too!” replied Scorch pointing at the spikes of fire on her hand. She continued, “The World Team of the Year Award went to Italy Men’s Football Team and the World Breakthrough of the Year Award was given to Emma Raducanu.

Raducanu is a British tennis player. This year, she was ranked No. 11 by the Women’s Tennis Association and is currently the British No. 1 player.

The World Comeback of the Year Award was given to Sky Brown, a British-Japanese youngest professional skateboarder in the world,” paused Scorch, as Verum said, “she deserves it!”

“Yes. In June 2020, she met with a mishap during training. But she showed resilience and a lot of courage, she recovered and participated in the 2021 Olympic finals. She took home the bronze medal and also became Britain’s youngest Olympic medalist.

The World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability Award was given to Marcel Hug, a Paralympian athlete from Switzerland who participates in wheelchair racing events.

The World Action Sportsperson of the Year Award went to the British cyclist who has won both, the Olympic and the World titles, in the same year in history, Bethany Shriever.

American football quarterback Tom Brady received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Polish footballer Robert Lewandowski was awarded the Academy Exceptional Achievement Award.

Valentino Rossi, a former Italian motorcycle road racer, won the Sporting Icon Award. He is also a nine-time Grand Prix World Champion!

The organization, Lost Boyz Inc., was given the Sport for Good Award and Sport for Good Society Award went to the Real Madrid Foundation.

The Athlete Advocate of the Year Award went to Gerald Asamoah and the Black Eagles,” concluded Scorch.

“A big round of applause for all the winners,” said Orak, and the Gifted Four clapped hard!