“I just remembered Svalbard, a Norwegian group of islands between Norway and the North Pole,” Felix said.
A few seconds ago, the Gifted Four were enjoying the morning sunlight in the Mystic garden. Orak explained how he loved the sunny, warm days, “It is so beautiful.” But then Felix suddenly grew glum and spoke about Svalbard.
“Experts from the Norwegian Polar Institute reported that Svalbard is heating six times faster now,” Felix added.
“Six times!” Orak shrieked, “That sounds dangerous.”
“It sure is dangerous. Almost 60% of Svalbard is covered with glacial ice. If all this ice melts then…,” Verum looked at Felix with a worried look.
“Then there will be bigger problems. Svalbard is already facing a great risk of avalanches (a rapid flow of snow down a slope) in winter. With more heat, more ice will melt. The polar bears would find it harder to hunt and therefore, enter the residential areas in search of food.
“Managing climate change in Svalbard, and around the world, is the most important task for humans,” Orak affirmed.
“Maybe the Climate Change Conference to be held this month in Egypt will have some solutions,” Scorch said.