Yesterday’s news about the IPCC report was still buzzing around in Verum’s mind. She wondered, “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the way to tackle climate change. But how can these emissions be reduced?”

Right at that time, Verum’s crystal ball began spinning rapidly. A low but persistent humming sound filled the Mystical dorm room. Verum walked towards her crystal ball and sat down.

The surface of her crystal ball had transformed into a globe. Right now, the focus was on the United States (US). An image appeared from the misty depths of the crystal ball – a car! But not just any car…!

“Mysticals, Mysticals,” cried out Verum, “US President Joe Biden has set a goal to help control the emission levels. By 2030, about 50% of the new car sales in the US will be electric cars.”

“What are electric cars?” said Felix.

“Most cars run on fuels like petrol, diesel, and natural gas. All these fuels release carbon dioxide into the air, which is one of the greenhouse gases. These gases then trap the sun’s heat into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is called global warming,” explained Orak, “But electric cars run partially or entirely on electricity. They are operated with batteries which can be recharged.”

“Does this make them environmentally friendly?” said Scorch.

“Yes, as they use little to no fossil fuels,” replied Verum, “Along with this, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the US department of transport are introducing new fuel efficiency standards. That is, the car engines will use less fuel to generate energy.”

“And these standards will strengthen the pollution rules that were weakened during former President Donald Trump’s term,” said Orak, “It’ll also help the US meet its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

“How have the automobile companies taken this step?” said Felix.

“Executives from various automobile companies like Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, as well as United Auto Workers union have backed this move,” replied Verum, “These companies are aiming for 40% to 50% electric car sales by 2030.”

She added, “But of course, there are people who are criticizing this step. According to them, the goal of 50% electric cars is too low to actually combat climate change.”