The Mysticals had returned from the MysticLand Elementia School. They were now taking some time off to relax. Scorch and Felix were reading a comic book and laughing out loud while Orak was trying to tweak his tempus machine to travel longer distances in space.
Verum drifted towards her crystal ball. And as she had expected, it had news for her. Verum said, “Mysticals, Angad Daryani, a 23-year-old inventor from Mumbai, a metropolitan city in India, has developed a low-cost system. It captures the pollution in the air so that it can be turned into floor tiles!”
Orak looked up with gleaming eyes, “I like the sound of that!”
“What’s the story behind this invention?” said Scorch.
“When Daryani was a young child, Mumbai’s air pollution used to make him very sick. He could hardly play football or other games with his friends,” narrated Verum, “After all, India has truly terrible air pollution. Of the world’s 30 most polluted cities, 22  are in India.”
“Air pollution makes many people sick. A  study claims it causes about 1 million deaths every year,” said Orak.
“You’re right, Orak. Daryani realized he had to do something to reduce the impurities in India’s air,” said Verum, “A huge chunk of the pollution in India is made up of particulate matter. Particulate matter is a mixture of solid and liquid particles hanging in the air. And a major component of this particulate matter is carbon.”
“Carbon traps much more of the sun’s heat than carbon dioxide,” added Orak, “If more heat is trapped in the atmosphere, the Earth’s temperature rises even further. This is called global warming. It has a strong effect on the weather patterns all over the world.”
“Through his start-up Praan, Daryani designed the world’s first filterless outdoor air purifier. It filters the pollutants out of the air using advanced technology. The device then stores 11,540 cubic centimeters of pollutants,” explained Verum, “So, Daryani decided to go one step further. Praan teamed up with another Indian company, Carbon Craft Design.”
“This is so fascinating,” said Orak.
“Praan gives the collected carbon to Carbon Craft Design. This company then creates stylish, handcrafted decorative flooring tiles from the powdered pollutants,” said Verum.