“Orak, did you hear this? Tom Brady had announced his retirement. But now he said he is coming back,” said Scorch, grinning at Orak.

“No way!” Orak had not heard it yet.

“A cricketer? Chess player? Tennis pla…” Felix dropped words hinting that he wants to know more.

“Footballer, Felix!” said Scorch taking the hint from Felix’s unique attempt to join the conversation.

“Where is Verum. Please call her so that I don’t have to repeat the news!” saying this Scorch yelled ‘Verum, Verum…’

“Am here… continue with the news please,” said a groggy Verum.

“Brady is a National Football League (NFL) player. Not just a player, but Brady is considered as one of the greatest in its history. NFL is a professional American football league. It has 32 teams divided between American Football Conference and National Football Conference.

Around six weeks ago, Brady declared his retirement from the game. But in a complete turn of events, the 44-year-old recently announced he will be playing the season and will rejoin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

“That’s quite sudden,” said Orak.

“Totally. He has officially said that in the last two months he realized he wants to play and not be on the stands as a spectator, ‘I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa’, he quoted,” added Scorch.