Verum’s trusty crystal ball went spinning round and round at great speed.

“Verum, your crystal ball has some urgent news for you,” said Scorch tapping on Verum’s shoulders. Verum was busy doing her homework but she rushed towards the crystal ball and asked Felix and Scorch to gather around.

“Recently, a few scientists said we should take inspiration from our past success stories to tackle this global problem,” said Verum.

“Can you tell me about these success stories,” asked Scorch.

“In the 1970s acid rain was a problem. Acid rain comes under air pollution. When coal and petroleum are burned, they release harmful gases. These gases combine with oxygen and water in the air and fall as rain, sleet, hail, or snow. Such rain is extremely damaging to all life forms.

Acid rain was caused extensively due to the coal-burning power plants. The gases traveled long distances in the air, harming fishes and trees in Scandinavia, and lakes in North America. It was the biggest problem at that time,” sighed Verum.

“After years of proving its bad effects, scientists urged people and government bodies to take action. Following this, several international agreements were made to not use the pollutants that lead to acid rain.

The United States introduced the cap-and-trade system. It gave companies an incentive if they were successful at reducing the emissions of harmful gases,” added Verum.

“Did all this work?” asked a curious Scorch. Orak had already entered the dorm room and was listening intently.

“Yes! Today, Europe and North America are free from acid rain. However, it still exists in some parts of Asia,” said Verum.

Felix added quickly, “But this is not it. In the 1980s, the Earth’s ozone layer, which protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, developed a hole and it was slowly expanding.”

“Oh, my MysticLord!” gasped Scorch.

“Don’t worry! Like acid rain, in 1987, world leaders signed the Montreal Protocol ensuring that the chemicals which affect the ozone layer should not be put to use,” Verum added.

“So, we are saying there is hope to tackle the global warming issue too,” said Scorch.

“Yes, the nations will have to unite to solve this problem at hand!” said Verum.