Felix stood there scratching his head as Scorch mumbled, “Goodbye, Felix! Goodbye! We will miss seeing you run with all the grit towards the finish line,” said Scorch, running her hand on the cover of a sports magazine. “That’s Allyson Felix! Not you, Felix,” said Orak as he walked past Scorch’s desk.

“Oh, the sprinter! I was really confused for a moment. What happened to her, Scorch?” said Felix.

“She is the famous and legendary United States (US) sprinter. Last week, she ran her last 4x400m mixed relay race in Eugene, Oregon. She won bronze. A 4x400m mixed relay is a track racing event,” Scorch explained.

“Oh, Felix retired. Was this a sudden decision? When did she debut?” said Verum.

“No, Verum. Felix had announced her retirement in April. The story begins in 2003, when at 17 years of age, Felix participated in the 200m race at the US trials. Trials are events where winners qualify to participate in world championships. Felix came in second and qualified.

That marked the beginning of her illustrious career as a track-and-field athlete. She made one record after another and became the youngest world champion in history.

The 36-year-old athlete has won 19 medals, including 13 golds from 10 world championships and 11 Olympic medals, including seven golds…” paused Scorch.

“That’s a feat to achieve!” applauded the three Mysticals.

“Do you know that she is the only track-and-field athlete to have won more Olympic medals than any other American track-and-field athlete in history? One more fact: she’s also won more world championship medals than anyone else!

“Exceptional feat. No wonder Felix is called the greatest of all times!” smiled Orak.

“Yes! Undoubtedly. At 36 years, Felix has not only left her mark as an athlete, but she is also an activist protecting women’s rights,” said Scorch, adding, “and that’s why she is an inspiring personality.