When the Mysticals heard about the tremendous volcanic eruption in Indonesia, they barely wore their shoes before rushing to the spot. Of course, to be careful, they were far enough from the eruption site to not get hurt.

The tempus machine was suspended in the air. The Gifted Four inspected the site with grim expressions on their faces. Felix was sniffling and covering his face with his hands. Thick ash surrounded them even though they were high up in the sky. The Mysticals could hear loud booms.

“This looks scary,” said Felix.

Verum put her arm around her friend and said, “Indonesia is an archipelago (ground of islands) country in Asia. It sits on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’. This means it often experiences volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

On 4th December, Mount Semeru, the tallest volcano in Indonesia’s Java Island, erupted suddenly. Out of nowhere, it spewed columns of ash 40,000 feet into the air. This thick, hot ash covered villages in Easter Java. Along with the ash, the volcano released searing toxic gases. Streams of lava (hot molten rock) flew down the mountain slope.”

Felix’s eyes grew wider and wider with fear. He said, “I’m more scared now! Volcanoes are terrifying!”

“Don’t be,” said Orak, “You’re in a Time Traveler tempus machine. The volcano can’t harm you.”

“I wish I could do something to protect the humans there,” said Felix, “The eruption must have harmed them.”

“I won’t lie to you. It did. So far, 34 people have lost their lives. Rescue operations are going on for another 16 people. But swift action from the officials helped evacuate 3,700 people safely,” said Verum, “The government has asked the locals to stay 5 kilometers away from the crater through which the lava is coming out. The area is polluted with poisonous gases.

My point is that this is devastating. But humans are trying their best to help each other and survive this ordeal,” said Verum.