“Max Verstappen won the 2022 Formula One World Championship! Max Verstappen won the 2022 Formula One World Championship!” Scorch announced as she came running into the dorm room.
Felix scratched his head in confusion. Who was Max Verstappen? What was Formula One? He didn’t understand. But that could wait. Scorch would tell him later. Right now, he wanted to join his friend’s merriment and celebrate the win!
Scorch entered at such great speed, she was about to dash into Orak. “Ahh… stop, Scorch!” Orak yelled fearing they’d collide. She stopped right before his table and started dancing.
“Woohoo!” Felix said and he joined Scorch in a little dance jiggle.
“I know you’re confused, Felix. Let me tell you about Max Verstappen and Formula One,” Scorch said.
“We want to know too!” said Verum and Orak as they joined the conversation.
Scorch explained, “Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver. Formula One is popularly known as F1. It is a car racing sport. In this sport, drivers in open-wheel racing cars compete against each other to win the race. An open-wheel car is a car with its wheels outside the car’s main body.
Verstappen won the 2021 Formula One World Championship as well.”
“Verstappen is mighty talented!” Orak said with admiration.
“In Formula One World Championships, there are many races held around the world. These races are called Grand Prix.
On October 9, the Grand Prix 2022 race was held in Suzuka, Japan. Verstappen won this race. It was not easy. There was heavy rain and yet he managed to bag his second world title!”
“Splendid!” Verum said and cheered for the F1 race car driver.