World staring at harsh winter

Verum took a deep breath and sighed. The crystal ball had told her that the world was in a huge mess. “What’s wrong, Verum? Why do you look so sad?” Did the Bruha do something?” Orak asked.
“Surprisingly, Orak, it’s not the Bruha this time. It’s the energy crisis. The world is facing its first-ever global energy crisis. Millions of people are going to be affected by this crisis. But especially the poor people,” Verum informed.
“What is a global energy crisis?” Felix joined the two and wanted to know more.
“Humans need energy every day to live their life easily. Energy is a power that is commonly produced from oil, natural gas, and coal. Energy is needed for things as simple as using electricity, and cooking food,” Orak explained.
A global energy crisis is a shortage of energy in the world. It happens due to a low supply of energy.”
Verum nodded, “The supply of energy is low. But the demand for energy is high. So, it has led to an increase in energy prices.
In Europe and the United States (US), it is getting colder every day. But people are unable to keep their houses warm. They won’t turn on the heaters in their houses. It is because they cannot pay the high energy prices.”
“What?” Scorch screeched. She joined her friends and said, “But it will be so cold in winter!”
Verum nodded, “I know. Cold homes are harmful to humans. It can affect their health. It will have terrible effects on kids, the elderly, and sick people. Humans need to stay warm to not fall sick.”
“What is the solution for this?” Orak said.
Verum shrugged. She had no answer. She said, “Right now, several charity organizations are helping the poor. They are giving them warm clothes and warm food. They are also guiding them to places where they can find heaters.”
“I hope the energy crisis stops!” Felix wished.