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A peek into MysticLand


Daily newspapers that cover world news, science and technology, business and innovation, animals and environment, sports and entertainment. Written for kids as mini stories narrated by the mysticals. The MysticPost is a fully animated newspaper with animated characters.

Mystic Post- Animated news Papers for kids

Daily quizzes based on the day's newspaper to put your kids’ newfound knowledge to test. Kids also unlock a series of badges and earn Mystos, the currency of MysticLand as reward!

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Start the daily fact machine for a unique nugget about the world. And earn Mystos too.

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Discover different countries by going on a game-based augmented reality journey. Find objects of history and culture and unlock their stories, complete jigsaws of landmarks and famous people, and more.


The more you learn, the more you earn! Get Mystos - the currency of MysticLand, unlock badges and fun Mystic beasts as rewards.



My daughter told me about Amazon’s Zoox acquisition! One news she read before I did.

Anil Billapati, Parent, San Ramon

Signed up and loving the daily facts, already. My son asked me first thing in the morning (at 7.10 am) if we have got today’s fact and it’s only Day 3!

Shireen Sultana, Parent & EdTech Entrepreneur, Hyderabad

I could find everything I wanted to know with this app. Better than all the other apps I use. It’s amazing!

Dharaneesh, Age 12, Tamil Nadu, India

I look forward to reading the MysticPost every day. Feel really bad on days I can’t read them!

Nandini Kuhar, Age 11, Meerut, India
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MysticLand In schools

Knowing what's happening in the world and keeping up to date is an essential ingredient for smartness. If you are a school looking to create smart, global citizens of tomorrow, we have a comprehensive MysticLand Schools program for your bright minds.

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