Why MysticLand?

One of the most important powers to have in today’s fast-paced world is the power of information. In today’s time, there is more that the world will need in children – the smartness, the excellence, the ability to enhance one’s talent and eventually have the freedom to choose whatever career they wish for themselves! As parents, you would nod along when we say that any kind of success in life eventually boils down to the power of information. If you have the right information at the right time, then there is no turning around. MysticLand understands this need of today’s children. And that is exactly what we are offering – the right information from around the globe, and ad-free space, an all-safe friendly content designed keeping in mind your child’s all-around growth!

Why us?

A vision of two parents with over 2 decades of experience working with leading brands like Amazon, P&G, Ogilvy, JWT, MysticLand bring alive their idea of helping shape each of its child patrons into a well-informed global citizen with the perfect blend of awareness, information, curiosity and human values ingrained in them.

And how do we do this?

Through the evergreen art of storytelling. You would agree that every child is born a lover of stories. So be it science, technology, world news, environment, entertainment, sports, different cultures of the world, fun facts, business or innovation – your child will receive the latest, the inspiring, the noteworthy stories from all these fields in the most creative way possible.

So, what exactly is MysticLand?

Believe us! Because MysticLand is not just a fancy name it is a story in itself! MysticLand is a magical world that brings alive inspiring stories across these topics and inhabited by mysticals. There are four main tribes in MysticLand and many types of mystic beasts. Our story revolves around Verum (seer), Scorch (warrior), Orak (time traveler) and Felix (fleet).

These four young mysticals are often called the gifted four. Young but powerful beyond their age. Sometimes a bit too powerful for their own good. They often go away on secret adventures to explore earth and its man-made creations, attempting to solve mysteries of the universe. Just like humans do, every young mystical goes to school – the MysticLand Elementia School.

With every adventure, these four adorable characters undertake, your child learns something about the world and space and everything in between! Kid you not, the offerings on the MysticLand app is what even you will love! We have the world’s first moving newspaper, AR-powered world travel, world quiz and fact machine!

Are you ready for an experience that will truly help you mold your child’s personality? In the end, there is magic in information and there is power in wisdom! So, hop in!