In the vibrant world of Mysticland, Orak, with his sparkling thirst for cosmic knowledge, gathered his friends Verum, Scorch, and Felix at their favourite park. Orak had an exciting cosmic update to share from the world of space exploration.

Orak beamed, “You won’t believe what’s happening on Earth. Experts at NASA, the United States space agency, are joining forces with Prada, the popular fashion brand, to create spacesuits for their upcoming Moon mission in 2025.”

Felix could only recollect a little about the famous fashion brand. “Prada?” he muttered.

Orak responded in understanding, “Prada is a fancy fashion designer, just like Scorch becomes when she creates those cool fire patterns on my robe. Prada‚Äôs teaming up with NASA to design special clothes called spacesuits for astronauts.”

Verum nodded in understanding. “Ah, I see. But why Prada, Orak? Aren’t spacesuits all about keeping astronauts safe in space?”

Orak explained, “You’re absolutely right, Verum. Spacesuits are like mini spaceships you can wear – ensuring astronauts have air and the right temperature in space where it is super cold and there is no air. Prada’s experts know how to make several materials, and they’re bringing their knowledge to help astronauts in space.”

Scorch, the imaginative artist, chimed in, “So, are we going to see astronauts in stylish, fashionable spacesuits?”

Orak laughed, “Not exactly, Scorch. The most important thing is to keep astronauts safe and comfortable. So, while Prada might help with materials, the focus is on science, not fashion shows.

NASA and Prada are working together to make sure astronauts have the best possible suits to explore the Moon in 2025. You see, Prada has a lot of experience, which means it can help design the spacesuit to be a better fit for female astronauts. It may even contribute to making spacesuits lighter!”

Verum, impressed with the collaboration, said, “It’s amazing how different experts can come together to make exploring space even better. Teamwork at its finest!”