“Japan is known for its high-tech architecture. Let’s go see some of it today,” said Scorch.
“Okay, let’s go see the Tokyo Skytree today. It is the tallest structure in Japan with a height of 634 m!” said Verum.
Orak quickly opened a portal and took everyone to see the Tokyo Skytree. When the Mysticals reached there, they stood at the foot of the Skytree and looked up to admire its height.
“Its silvery exterior mesh makes me think that the tower is going into the sky!” said Felix.
Orak said, “My book tells me that when we go inside, we must walk on the tower’s Galleria glass floor to feel like we’re floating in the air, eat treats shaped like the tower, see the Sumida Aquarium, enter outer space in the Tenku Planetarium, and even send a postcard to our friends in MysticLand from the red tower-shaped Skytree Post with a very special Skytree stamp!”
The Mysticals took hundreds of pictures here.