Is MysticLand safe & appropriate for my children?

MysticLand was created by two world travelers who recognized a need for a safe place for children to learn about the world and open up to different experiences. They understood that the internet wasn’t built for or completely safe for kids, and with these concerns in mind, MysticLand was born. Creation of content specifically for kids (and not curation from third party sources) is the heart of MysticLand’s brand and is what sets MysticLand apart from other popular services for children. MysticLand is, and will always be, a safe and secure environment for children to explore. We work tirelessly to ensure that children will never come across inappropriate content, in-app purchases or ads on MysticLand.

MysticLand does not stream or reproduce content from any other website or company. Every single piece of content, video or otherwise, lives on our own servers in a controlled environment, so content can never be uploaded to our platform that has not been reviewed and approved by our highly qualified team. MysticLand strives to delight and inspire children while serving as a trusted resource for families and educators alike.