Today, Verum was in a thoughtful mood. Her mind kept on going back to yesterday’s news about the melting and shrinking of glaciers due to global warming. Global warming was impacting the world in so many ways. Did all humans even know about this?

As she sat gazing into the distance, Verum’s crystal ball became aware of the questions swirling around in his Seer-companion’s mind. So, it naturally started spinning and looking for a news story on the topic. And it found one soon enough!

“The race against climate change is on!” Verum announced.

“Hasn’t it been on for a while now?” said Orak, “Many countries are taking efforts to limit the rise of the Earth’s temperature.”

Verum giggled and said, “No, I mean there is a literal race against climate change. OC Sport, a French sports group, announced its plans to launch a sailing race called the North Pole Race.”

“And how is this race going to fight against climate change?” said Orak.

“By making people more aware about the issue!” replied Verum, The sailing race will take place in the Canadian Arctic. Ships will sail from Quebec to Vancouver along the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage is a sea route that saves ships about 7,000 kilometers while traveling between Europe and Asia. But traveling along this route is only possible because of the thawing of the ice.”

“Go on,” said an interested Orak.

“The route is free of ice during the two months between summer and winter. That’s why the race will have to be completed in a short time,” replied Verum, “Without global warming causing the Arctic ice to thaw and melt, this race wouldn’t have been possible.”

“Oh, is that how it will create awareness about climate change?” said Orak.

“Yeah, teams from 10 countries including Canada, China, Russia, France, and Denmark will participate in the race,” said Verum, “A scientist, an experienced skipper or captain, and people from the country the team is representing will be a part of the team.”

“Is the race starting this year?” said Orak.

“No, there is some time,” replied Verum, “It will start in 2023.”