If you’re in Kyoto, Japan’s former capital, you mustn’t leave without witnessing a Geisha performance. Just like Mt Fuji, Geisha is an icon representing Japan and its warm culture. Geisha are elegant women who paint their faces white, pin their hair in Japanese style with lovely hairpins, wear stylish kimonos (a long, loose Japanese robe with broad sleeves), and put on a fabulous show!

In the town of Kyoto, Geisha are called Maiko and Geiko. Maiko are trainee Geisha and Geiko are master Geisha. A Maiko is a girl under 20 years old who starts her career when she’s about 15 to become a professional in Japanese culture and entertainment. Both Maiko and Geiko attend a special school to learn things about Japanese culture such as flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, and traditional Japanese dance and music.

If you’re lucky, a Geisha may come and chat with you, ask you if you’re enjoying your meal, and even tell you cool things about Japanese arts!