“Feliiiixxx! Where are you?” shouted Scorch. 
“I am here, Scorchie,” Felix coughed after screaming at the top of his voice, “MysticBeast Dash is teaching me how to listen to the winds. It is as if they are talking to us the whole time.” 
“Apple has finally accepted EU’s rules to make similar charging ports for all their electronic devices. The company rolled out the USB-C (Universal Serial Bus Type-C) charger for its latest mobile phone,” Scorch said. 
Seeing Dash confused, Scorch asked Felix to explain the backstory to the curious MysticBeast, and added, “In September 2021, the European Union (the EU comprises 27 countries) passed a Common Charger Directive law.
According to this law, all electronic devices should have a single charger type for charging by December 2024.
The EU common charger rule applies to mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, portable speakers, keyboards, mice, headphones, e-readers, GPS devices, and more.”
“Why was this law passed?” enquired Felix.
“To save customers from spending 250 million euros a year on buying chargers. It will also reduce wastage by 11,000 tons in a year. Also, it is a hassle to always search for a specific type of charger in case you are not carrying yours. 
The technological giant Apple Inc. said strict regulations will prevent innovations and harm consumers worldwide as Apple has always had a Lightning adaptor to charge iPhones, which is different from other chargers.
There are three types of charging cables, Type A, B, and C chargers. They all vary in size and shape.  
The law states that laptops should also come with a USB Type-C port, but they have more time to make the changes.”
“This is great news, Scorch! I don’t have to keep searching for chargers anymore. One charger can charge different devices,” exclaimed Felix. Scorch nodded in approval. Dash clapped and jumped as Scorch smiled but was unsure if this tiny MysticBeast actually understood the tech talk!