“I have the coolest news for you today,” Orak told Verum, Scorch, and Felix, “The astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have created their own version of the Olympic Games – Space Olympics!” 

“Olympics in space?” Scorch squealed, “I want to hear all about it!” 

Orak explained, “The ISS is a space station that orbits Earth. Currently, seven astronauts are living on the ISS. When the Tokyo Olympics 2020 began, they watched the opening ceremony and followed the games. They wanted to play too! 

The usual Olympic Games such as wrestling, swimming, sharpshooting, etc. cannot be conducted in zero gravity. Gravity is a force that attracts objects towards each other and holds them together. Zero gravity is a state of being where there’s no gravity.” 

“It means our bodies become weightless and float in the air!” Felix said. 

“But the astronauts thought, why should they miss out on all the fun?” Orak said, “So, the crew came up with games that can be played in zero gravity! 

Next, they split up into two teams – Soyuz and Crew Dragon. They put up mini flags of the participating countries.” 

“Which games did they play?” Verum said. 

“They played a lack-of-floor routine where the astronauts tried to perform a gymnastics routine without touching anything. They also created a game called No-handball. The teams tried to score a goal without using their hands. They passed the floating ball by blowing it!” 

“It must have been so much fun!” Verum laughed. 

Scorch said, “The astronauts celebrated the Olympic spirit in such a unique way!”