Dusk had unfolded over the skies of MysticLand in vivid shades of red, orange, and yellow. But Verum wasn’t enjoying the beautiful sunset. Instead, she was staring into her crystal ball as tears streamed down her face.
So, when Scorch and Felix entered the dorm room, they were worried to see their friend cry. Scorch said, “What happened, Verum? Was someone mean to you?”
Felix handed Verum a handkerchief and said, “We’re here! Please tell us what’s bothering you!”
Verum replied, “These are tears of joy. My crystal ball fetched a happy piece of news! Did you know Australia opened its borders to foreigners for the first time since March 2020?”
“Oh my MysticLord!” said Felix, “That is indeed big news. Australia closed its borders when the Covid-19 pandemic began. It imposed one of the strictest travel bans in the world.”
“Well, it did allow Australians and a few others to return from late last year,” countered Scorch, “Is vaccination a requirement, Verum?”
“Kind of, people with two doses of vaccines won’t have to quarantine. Unvaccinated people will have to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days at their own cost,” said Verum, “They can enter all states except Western Australia. It remains closed till March, 3rd. Even then, people who have taken three jabs will be allowed to enter.”
“That’s good. This will really help Australia’s tourism industry. During the pandemic, it was severely impacted due to these travel restrictions. In fact, Australia had internal travel restrictions, too,” said Scorch.
“You’re right,” said Felix, “But why were you crying about this, Verum?”
In response, Verum pressed a button on her crystal ball. A video was projected onto a white wall. The three Mysticals could see Sydney Airport in the video. People were crying and hugging each other.
Verum said, “So many people have been reunited after nearly two years! Watching these precious moments made me emotional.”
“I can see why,” said Scorch and Felix with a smile.