“Scorch! Scorch! Who won the Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 final? I missed the match because I had to attend drama practice at school. Tell me what happened at the final,” Felix said.

“Oh, you missed a brilliant cricket match, Felix! But drama practice is important too,” Scorch said, adding, “Anyway, I’ll give you the highlights.  The T20 World Cup final match took place between Australia and New Zealand. Australia won by eight wickets. The score was 173/2 for Australia. This means they made 173 runs and two of their batsmen got out. This was Australia’s first victory at the T20 World Cup! New Zealand’s score was 172/4.”

“I’ve heard Australia has won many world cups. What do you mean this was their first victory?” Felix said.

“You’re a clever Mystical, Felix! However, you’re talking about the 50 over World Cup. Australia has been the most successful team in that tournament with five titles. But I’m talking about the T20 World Cup which is of 20 overs. Australia had never won a single 20-over world cup until this year. With this win, they have established their dominance over world cups,” Scorch explained.

“Other cricket teams need to watch out for Australia now, I’ll say,” Felix thought.