“Are you guys packed?” Felix said. The four Mysticals, Orak, Felix, Scorch, and Verum, had decided to go camping.

“Yes!” Orak, Scorch, and Verum chorused.

“I wish we had some sort of a power device to keep our mobile phone charged. It will be good for emergencies, right?” Felix said. Orak and Verum nodded their heads.

“One such device exists!” Scorch said.

“There’s a new portable wind turbine in the market,” Scorch said, “Portable means devices that can be moved or carried easily.”

“Portable wind turbine? What will it be used for?” Orak said.

“Wind turbines are devices with three blades. The wind moves the turbine blades and produces power. It can be used by campers, backpackers (people who travel with backpacks), wilderness researchers when they need power,” Scorch said.

“Wow, great idea!” Orak said.

Scorch said, “The product is known as Shine. It was manufactured by Nova Scotia-based company Aurea Technologies. Nova Scotia is a Canadian province. Shine is only 1.5 kilos or 3 pounds. The materials and design keep the weight of the device lower.”

“A good thing too since space matters a lot for travelers!” Verum said. She had a hard time fitting everything in her backpack!

“How do you use the device?” Orak said.

“It comes with a tripod. Tripod is a piece of equipment with three legs that is used to put a camera. The turbine is mounted on the top of the tripod. The electronics that need power can be charged under Shine.

Shine can produce 40 watts of power. The direction of the wind doesn’t matter. The turbine spins in whichever direction the wind comes from. It will always produce power,” Scorch said.

“A great travel companion!” Felix said.