Today, the Mysticals were on an adventure. Felix, Scorch, and Verum had requested Orak to take them time-traveling. After all the news about the dangerous effects of climate change, Verum wanted to see for herself if the future was indeed terrible.

Orak agreed to give his friends a glimpse. He said, “The thing about the future is that it isn’t set in stone. Our actions today impact what will happen tomorrow. I can’t show you what will absolutely happen. But I can show you one of the many possible scenarios that could take place.”

“Sounds great,” said Verum.

And the Mysticals set off in a tempus machine. The world they arrived into wasn’t the desolate landscape they had expected. People lived together happily in harmony. They had terrace gardens on which they cultivated vegetables. All transport ran on renewable energy. It seemed like humans had finally managed to come together and tackle climate change.

“Wow, I am so close to tears,” said Verum, “This world is beautiful. It makes me happy.”

The Mysticals returned to the dorm room. Scorch asked, “But Orak, how can we build such a world?”

“I think Verum should ask that to her crystal ball,” said Orak. And Verum did. Her crystal spun round and round looking for an answer. When it stopped, a single word appeared on its surface – Solarpunk.

Verum said, “My crystal ball suggests an art movement called ‘Solarpunk’. As a part of this movement, artists, writers, scientists and designers have to imagine a world in which the existing technology is used to deal with climate change successfully.”

“That’s interesting,” said Felix, “Could you give us an example?”

“Sure, let me think,” said Verum, adding, “Take the Canadian company Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT). CUT’s technology allows materials to be broken down and carbon dioxide to be absorbed. In 2020, it launched a brand called Expedition Air. This brand produces items like paintings and t-shirts but these items are made from carbon captured material.”

“Essentially, solarpunk is a movement that believes in sharing knowledge and ideas to build an equal world for all,” explained Verum, “It believes in living in harmony with nature.”