“Mysticals, Mysticals! The truckers’ protest that has been going on in Canada since 22nd January is about to come to an end,” said Verum.

“Wow, that was a really long protest,” said Orak.

“What was it about again?” said Scorch.

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government put a mandate into place on 15th January 2022. A mandate is an official order to do something,” said Verum, “When unvaccinated Canadian cross the United States-Canada border, they will have to quarantine once they return home.

So, a convoy (group) of truckers drove towards Ottawa, the capital city, in a protest called Freedom Convoy. They occupied the streets of the city. Reports claimed the protestors had damaged monuments.

The truckers were joined by other groups: anti-mask mothers, people who are doubtful about vaccination, and residents. The protests also spread to other parts of the country. One such protest was in Windsor, Ontario. The protestors blockaded the Ambassador Bridge for nearly a week. To blockade means to seal an area and prevent people from leaving or entering.”

“Then, why are you saying the protest is close to the end?” said Felix with a confused expression, “It seems like it’s going on strong.”

“That was the case,” said Verum, “But in the past week, a lot changed. A police raid put an end to the blockade on the Ambassador Bridge on 13th February. Officers arrived in buses and began clearing out the blocked bridge. It was a gradual process that took over 36 hours because the police didn’t want to hurt the people or children.

As for the Ottawa protest, the police cleared off the last of the protestors on Saturday. They arrested about 100 people and towed away 21 vehicles.”

“Oh, now, I get it,” said Felix.

“But PM Trudeau’s government has received criticism for using emergency powers to suppress the protest,” said Verum.