Verum’s crystal ball started spinning and humming. She rushed towards it and said, “Mysticals, today’s news involves Chinese warplanes.”
Orak asked, “What’s the news, Verum?”
Verum replied, “Taiwan has said that 19 Chinese warplanes entered its so-called air defense identification zone (ADIZ) last Sunday. These airplanes include fighter planes and planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons.”
Every country has airspace earmarked. It is above the land and water. Countries monitor this airspace for security. It is called ADIZ – air defense identification zone. This ADIZ can also extend beyond the country’s national airspace. It monitors civil as well as foreign aircraft.
Scorch said, “I have two questions. How did Taiwan react to this? And why did China send these warplanes?”
“Taiwan readied its missile systems and sent out its fighter planes to warn the Chinese planes away,” said Verum, adding, “Taiwan has been complaining about China’s air force flying near its island for about a year now. In June, China sent 28 military jets into the ADIZ. That’s the highest number of planes sent to Taiwan to date.”
“To understand this, we need to understand the history shared by the two,” said Verum, “During the 1940s, a civil war was going on in China. In this war, General Mao Zedong’s armies defeated then-leader Chiang Kai-shek’s troops. Chiang and his government fled to Taiwan where they maintained their rule.”
She added, “Eventually, Taiwan phased into a democratic government in which people choose their leaders through elections. So, Taiwan began thinking of itself as a self-governed state and not dependent on China. It has its constitution, democratic government, and about 300,000 troops. But China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province and believes it will rejoin China eventually.”
“What about other countries? Do they recognize Taiwan as a state?” said Orak.
“Not many countries do,” answered Verum, “But the government of former United States (US) President Donald Trump promised to supply Taiwan with defensive weapons. An attack on Taiwan by China would cause grave concern to the US. President Joe Biden continued this commitment.”
“But slowly, China has been pressuring the world to accept Taiwan as a Chinese province,” said Verum, “The warplanes also communicate this with Taiwan.”